Jaysen Euler

COO + Culinary Director

Chef Jaysen Euler was only 14 years old when he discovered he had talent & passion for cooking. It all began when he shocked his family by roasting a lamb leg during Thanksgiving dinner. Euler went on to explore every position to the top, a trajectory that led him to the prestigious Culinary Director at Scott Harris Hospitality.

After mastering his skill at the Arizona Culinary Institute, Euler set his sights on the windy city and went to the Sofitel in Chicago’s Water Plaza to work under Chef Gilles Arzur and Chef Martial Noguier. In 2011, after mastering his skills at sea, Euler returned to Chicago to join Scott Harris Hospitality at Davanti Enoteca.

After parting ways for a few years, in 2019, Chef Jaysen went right back to Scott Harris Hospitality, Euler’s goal throughout his whole career has and still is to have genuine belief and pride in the food his team is creating, he found that at Scott Harris Hospitality, as the leader of their culinary program. Chef Jaysen always has the customer’s experience in mind, and it shows if you’ve ever had his food which is now featured at his very own concept restaurant; Vasili’s in Naperville, IL.

Teaming up with Scott Harris was a no-brainer, but the inspiration came from their Greek wives’ heritage. You can taste the tribute to the roots and the passion for their craft, but Chef Jaysen’s favorite compliment of all time is: “This is the best meal I have ever had.”

As a new father to his son Dean, Euler spends every moment he isn’t at work with his family, and they do a lot of backyard cooking. Chef Jaysen hopes to pass down his traditions, passion, and dedication to his son - who’s already displaying a profound love for food.